With the orchestral possibilities and the insertion of a rock band into the middle of an classical orchestra there arc no limits to what you can do ! Coming from the birthplace of classical music, Vienna, it is of course a given thing that a project like this must take use of one of the best orchestras in the world : THE VIENNA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA
The size and nature of the project as well as its resources eventually lead to a very different format : suites of 10 to 30 minutes will have to be used in order to get the transforming process across.

There are no songs as such, but musical pieces of three different dimensions in every way. However, for promotional purposes, medleys and/or radio remixes can be cut !

Also the original songs used will in some cases be so entirely embedded in their environment, that it will be impossible to determine where it starts and ends, because this is the very idea : to make the listener decide for himself where he/she senses the transformation from one into another.

The arrangements will also change their character with the musical direction and will therefor go from anywhere to traditional in the beginning to bizarre and surreal as it goes along (just like a Dali painting of the period, for example).