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  • After touring the whole world with his Compare "Manitas De Plata" Jose 'Reyes launches the LOS REYES group, which will make Gitana music discover all over the continent. After the death of Jose'Reyes "LOS REYES" they will follow to be requested all over the world an the will have to find the solutio to divide in various Formations to answer the requests of different Shows across the whole World. The success was so strong that the other band whith the name "GIPS KING" (I Kings Gitani in English) was born from the group of "LOS REYES". In order to continue and ensure the strong success, in 1988, 2 Groups were formed with 2 Groups:

    1 - LOS REYES - composed by Antonico Reyes, Manuel Reyes, Tony Reyes Wiliam Regiz and Francois Reyes. 2 - GIPSY KINGS composed by Nicolas Reyes, Andre' Reyes, Paul Reyes Tonino Baliardo and Chico Bouchiki. After the success of the Songs like DJOBI DJOBA, VOLARE, BAMBOLEO and many others, the Gitana culture with its Rumba conquers even more the frontiers.

    Meanwhile, the LOS REYES always led by Antonico Reyes integrate the Sons from the Gipsy Kings Group as Tambo Reyes, and Bimbo Reyes and others ... at the moment introduces a very eclectic guitarist gypsy Tony Cortes so that the new Generation promises a unique and briliant Rumba Gitana evening with a Unique brand: GIPSY GOLD. And the show continues!